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Westminster Business Consultants represents an opportunity to gain valuable experience for your career by immersing yourself in a real consultancy environment. Your acumen and skillset will be further developed by a network that aspires to deliver results through perseverance and contribute to your personal and professional development. Start your journey here as a Junior Entrepreneur.

Our Departments

1Business Development

You will be responsible for acquiring clients, partners and financing through building personal and professional networks.

2International Relations & Enlargement

You will be responsible for establishing and maintaining contact with JADE, Embassies and Trade Organisations as well as fostering the JE movement through enlargement.

3Human Resources

You will be responsible for recruiting, managing and retaining a professional and qualified talent as well as making sure that all consultants are learning and developing in a comfortable environment that fosters motivated individuals to reach their full potential.

4Quality Assurance

You will be responsible for enforcing Quality Management procedures based on the ISO 9001 and monitoring the overall performance of the organisation through standardised KPIs and metrics.

5Event Management

You will be responsible for organising internal and external events.

6Research & Development

You will be responsible for developing frameworks for services and innovating ways of working at the organisation.


You will be responsible for maintaining standard contracts and ensuring that the organisation complies with relevant regulations.

8Information Technology

You will be responsible for the maintenance of Website and the digitalisation of operations and processes.

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